Hawk Host Now Officially Sponsors Let's Encrypt!

Posted By: Brian Farrell

Last Updated: Tuesday November 8, 2016

Earlier this year we announced that we’d begun offering free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt, an open source collaboration backed by some of the biggest names in the hosting and security industry. In the roughly 8 months that have passed we’ve found the program to be a huge success and the customer adoption rate has far exceeded what we initially expected. In light of that success, combined with our continuous effort to provide the most secure hosting platform possible, we’ve decided to become an official Let’s Encrypt sponsor! This is our first official sponsorship in our company history, and it’s one we couldn’t be both more proud of and excited about.


As an official Let’s Encrypt sponsor we’re able to put our support behind what we believe is one of the most important issues facing the hosting industry today. More people are using the internet today than at any point in history and that’s not something that should be taken lightly. Whether you’re a hobbyist just setting up a basic website or you’re a young entrepreneur looking to get your business off the ground, it’s more important than ever to make sure your webiste is secure. Up until Let’s Encrypt was created you had to pay for the privilege of using SSL. Now they’re working diligently to make that a problem of the past, offering a free, trusted, signed, and fully secure SSL certificate to any end user on a compatible platform. It’s our responsibility as a web host to bring this technology to our customers in a simple and easy to use fashion.

Here at Hawk Host we’ve taken the Let’s Encrypt platform and made it accessible to all of our customers for all of their websites. Furthering our mission to provide a secure hosting platform we’re also extremely excited to announce a new AutoSSL feature, one that automatically installs a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on every website hosted from your account with us. Whether it’s your primary domain, a parked domain, or an addon domain they’ll all be secured with a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate! Existing customers should see this applied to their accounts already. Simply visit any website you have hosted with us using https:// and your browser should show a trusted SSL certificate already installed. How exciting is that?

Providing a secure hosting environment is something we’re serious about. We’ve been working hard on this in recent months, starting with enabling two-factor authentication for both your client area and cPanel. Those two changes, along with our Let’s Encrypt sponsorship and AutoSSL feature, are items we’re going to continue building on to make sure everyone at Hawk Host enjoys a safe, secure, and overall reliable hosting experience.

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