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Hawk Host Singapore Cloud Infrastructure Upgrades

Posted on Tue Nov 16, 2021 by Tony Baird

At Hawk Host we’re always looking at opportunities to improve performance of our services while providing minimal to no impact on running services. This can mean performance improvements in software but also additional servers or entirely upgraded hardware. In Singapore we had an opportunity to do a major hardware upgrade. Read More

Introducing AlmaLinux ELevate

Posted on Tue Oct 19, 2021 by Tony Baird

AlmaLinux today announced the introduction of their new feature ELevate which allows you to migrate between major versions of RHEL based distributions from 7.x to 8.x. This was previously not possible under CentOS and had came up during the CentOS 6.x end of life and in 2024 will come up again in the CentOS 7.x end of life. Until ELevate the only way to move to the latest version of RHEL based distributions was to deploy a new server with the desired version then configure and migrate everything to the new server. Read More

PHP 7.4 New Default PHP Version

Posted on Thu Oct 14, 2021 by Tony Baird

At Hawk Host we always value security and compatibility and with that we typically set the default PHP version to the oldest version that is still supported. PHP 7.3 is close to end of life status ( http://php.net/eol.php ) and many applications are now recommending users switch to PHP 7.4. ahead of this end of life. We thought this would be a great opportunity to move to PHP 7.4 before the holiday season starts. Read More

Advanced DDOS Protection in Los Angeles CA and Dallas TX!

Posted on Tue Jun 8, 2021 by Brian Farrell

If you run a website long enough, eventually you’re going to face an issue related to a DDOS attack. DDOS attacks can be frustrating, financially impactful, and make inexperienced webmasters feel hopeless when trying to resolve the problem. Companies like Cloudflare and Sucuri have made it easier for the average user to protect their sites from attacks, and while we do recommend our clients utilize those services to help protect their sites, we also saw a need to introduce our own DDOS protection for clients. As a result we are pleased to announce advanced DDOS protection is now available for customers on our shared, semi-dedicated, and cloud compute plans in our Dallas TX USA and Los Angeles CA USA locations! Read More

AlmaLinux Now Available on Cloud Computes!

Posted on Thu May 13, 2021 by Brian Farrell

We’re happy to announce that AlmaLinux is now available on all cloud compute plans! AlmaLinux is an open-source RHEL fork developed by the same team that brings us CloudLinux and is meant to be the community driven replacement to CentOS. Read More

Free Bandwidth Upgrades on All Cloud Compute Plans!

Posted on Mon Mar 15, 2021 by Brian Farrell

We are very excited to announce we’ve provided a free bandwidth upgrade for all clients on our cloud compute plans! The new bandwidth values have been applied automatically and your compute is already enjoying the benefits of having free additional bandwidth in your quota each month. Read More

Read and Write at the Speed of Light! Free IO Upgrades!

Posted on Fri Mar 5, 2021 by Brian Farrell

You read that right, today we’re happy to announce we’re upgrading the IO limits for all shared, reseller, and semi-dedicated plans! In fact, we’re actually tripling your IO limits, effective immediately, and entirely for free! Read More

Be Our Valentine! 60% Discount Sale for Valentines Day!

Posted on Fri Feb 12, 2021 by Brian Farrell

Won’t you be our Valentine❤? To celebrate this years lovers holiday we’re going to hook you up with a discount you’re sure to love! You can save up to 60% on a recurring discount for our cloud web hosting, semi-dedicated, reseller, or cloud compute plans. This deal is as sweet as the chocolate treats your secret admirer will be getting you to show they care! Read More

PHP 8.0 Now Available on All Hosting Plans

Posted on Tue Jan 19, 2021 by Tony Baird

We’re happy to announce we now officially support PHP 8.0 on all our sharedreseller and semi-dedicated and cloud web hosting services. PHP 8.0 is the first release of the 8.0 series and it comes with many outstanding improvements and new features. Read More

PHP 7.3 New Default PHP Version

Posted on Thu Jan 14, 2021 by Tony Baird

At Hawk Host we always value security and compatibility and with that we typically set the default PHP version to the oldest version that is still supported. PHP 7.2 recently reached end of life status ( http://php.net/eol.php ) and with the holiday season over we thought it was finally time to change the default version to PHP 7.3 for all new accounts. Read More

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