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Litespeed Website Hosting Compatibility

LiteSpeed Web Server can operate with an Apache configuration file. Most commonly used Apache features have been implemented. Some Apache-compatible features including .htaccess, mod_rewrite, mod_security, and mod_frontpage are available exclusively on LiteSpeed Web Server and cannot be found in other light-weight web server software.

  • .htaccess cache
    With LiteSpeed Web Server, commonly used directives in a .htaccess file work exactly the same. According to many benchmarks, .htaccess files add a significant delay to serving pages in Apache. To eliminate this delay, LiteSpeed employs an intelligent caching system to automatically update configuration when changes to a user's .htaccess file are detected.
  • mod_rewrite
    LiteSpeed Web Server's rewrite engine is fully compatible with Apache mod_rewrite so there is no need to change rewrite directives when you switch to LiteSpeed. The rewrite engine is highly optimized and increases speed over Apache's rewrite engine, especially for rewrite directives in a .htaccess file.
  • mod_security 1.9 compatible request filter
    LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition allows the use of mod_security configuration within your httpd.conf. Unlike the Apache and mod_security combination, LiteSpeed Web Server is built to implement rule sets in a more efficient manner and allows specialized grouping of related rules for an even greater increase in performance.
  • mod_frontpage
    MS FrontPage Server Extension is supported by LiteSpeed, allowing users to mount the directory containing web pages as a Windows shared folder. This feature is exclusive to LiteSpeed Web Server, Apache and Zeus.