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Litespeed Website Hosting Features


LiteSpeed Web Server is a HTTP/1.1 web server with HTTP/1.0 backward compatibility. Notable HTTP/1.1 features are:

  • Chunked Transfer Encoding
  • Basic Authentication (htpasswd and LDAP backend)
  • Entity Tag
  • Range/Multi-range Request
  • GZIP content transfer encoding

Faster, more secure PHP

With our dedicated PHP LiteSpeed SAPI module, LiteSpeed Web Server is able to deliver a level of performance superior to that of mod_php as well as FastCGI. LiteSpeed supports PHP suEXEC without compromises of phpsuexec or suphp implementations. Every PHP process is run as the user who owns the account, dividing resource usage for easy identification, as well as greater separation from the web server (lshttpd) processes. In addition, LiteSpeed PHP allows PHP configuration in .htaccess, which is not available with phpsuexec or suphp implementations.

GZIP Compression

Compression is seamlessly configured in the tuning section of the LiteSpeed Console. Compression can be enabled on your specified types of data at any level you desire. With LiteSpeed, a balance can easily be achieved between CPU usage and the bandwidth usage benefits of gzip compression. LiteSpeed also offers the ability to create files which are pre-gzipped files, ready to be served to the user at any moment. These files are automatically updated with the change of the original file's contents. Not only will LiteSpeed help you reduce your hardware costs, but it will also help you reduce bandwidth costs! Smart Keep Alive

Smart Keep Alive

Unlike Apache, LiteSpeed intelligently enables Keep Alive for media content such as images, CSS, and JavaScript, but does not enable it for dynamic content (e.g. PHP). Preserve the RAM in your server for other tasks!