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Over the years, we've found that more and more clients are relying on our email services for not only their personal emails but also critical business communications. As spam becomes a growing problem across the entire internet, it's up to us to find solutions to keep our services reliable. After years of struggling with less than adequate solutions, we're happy to say we've finally partnered with SpamExperts to offer our clients an enterprise grade spam filtering solution.

The benefits of using email with Hawk Host and SpamExperts

  • Filter close to 99% of spam destined for your inbox
  • Advanced log searching for both incoming and outgoing emails
  • Teach our system what is and isn't spam specific to your account to guarantee an email is never lost again
  • Generate and manage DKIM/SPF records to ensure your email is delivered to all your recepients
  • Advanced reporting on your mail volume, filtered email, and other statistics
  • Whitelist/blacklist specific domains, receipients, or addresses

By utilizing our implementation of SpamExperts email filtering, you're going to reduce the amount of spam/UCE that hits your inbox by nearly 99%. Scale that across your entire organization and you could potentially be blocking thousands of emails per day from hitting your inbox, along with the inboxes of your co-workers and employees. This will lead to greater productivity, fewer viruses/malware/malicious emails, and an inbox with virtually no clutter from unwanted emails. As part of our continued efforts to provide the most competitive services in our market, our enterprise email filtering is included for free with any shared, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting plan with us. You can take advantage of SpamExperts and all its features by simply signing up with a hosting plan with us. No hidden fees, no additional contracts, nothing. We simply want to make your hosting and email experience with us that much better!

Ready to get started with SpamExperts? Our support team would be happy to answer all your questions regarding our email filtering. Whether you're an existing customer looking to enable SpamExperts or you have presales questions about our services, we're more than happy to help either way. You can reach us 24/7/365 right through our helpdesk at