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With outbound email filtering active across our entire hosting network, we're able to proactively combat the spam being sent from any accounts on our network. We have a zero tolerance policy towards spam/UCE and will take any steps we can to eliminate spam originating from our network. There are a number of benefits to using SpamExperts for outgoing email:

  • DKIM/SPF Records: Configure and manage the DKIM and SPF records for the domain(s) on your account used for email. By properly utilizing both DKIM and SPF there is a greater chance of your mail being delivered and not being flagged as spam by your recipients email systems.
  • IP Reputation: By detecting messages as spam before they leave our network we reduce the amount of spam/UCE leaving our network which improves the reputation of our IPs that send email. The better the reputation, the better the odds your recipients email servers will accept the messages.
  • Account Security: In the event your account is compromised, our systems will prevent spam from being sent to your trusted colleagues and associates. You won't need to worry about explaining to them what happened and asking them to disregard your unwanted messages.
  • Advanced Logs: Curious if your email was delivered, or what the status is? Are your recipients claiming they never received your message? With our outbound search utility you can find out exactly what happened to every email you send through our systems.