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By partnering with SpamExperts for our email filtering, we're able to guarantee that nearly 99% of all spam emails destined for your email addresses will be filtered and never reach your inbox. In addition to making spam almost non-existent, our incoming filtering also includes the following features:

  • Log Searching: Check the status of any received, blocked, or quarantined email. In the rare chance a legitimate email is filtered, our search makes it extremely easy to locate the mail and move it from your spam box.
  • Spam Quarantine: If our system detects a message as spam, we don't automatically delete it. We'll place the email in a spam quarantine which you can view, purge, or search at any time. Quarantined emails are retained for 14 days!
  • Delivery Queue Status: Were you supposed to receive an email and never did? Check the delivery queue to see if the message has been delayed. Our SpamExperts system might be preventing delivery for some reason, but you can force delivery if you need.
  • Advanced Statistics: Our stats tracking allows you to view what percentage of your emails are spam, how effective our filtering is, and what email addresses are the most common targets of spam on your domain.
  • Train the System: In the rare event SpamExperts mislabels an email, you can train the system to learn what is and isn't spam. Whether it's a legitimate email mistakenly flagged as spam, or a spam email that got through, with the click of a button you can make sure SpamExperts never mislabels those emails again!